Solar Power Car Vehicle LED Warning Security Flashing Light (Brand New)

Protect your Vehicle from Stolen and give Security Warning! 

In night time when your car is parked, the LED light will flash in darkness and protect your vehicle. Suitable for all warning purposes.

This product has a Light Senor functioned with 4 blue LED flash circularly. Also an Vibration Sensor was built-in. If the vehicle was shaken by some persons, the 2 red LED Light and 4 blue LED Light will flash together to give Warning for Security.

Product Front View Product Back View Product Feature and  Specification:
  • Solar Power charging built-in battery operation. 
  • Light Sensor and Vibration Sensor control design.
  • built-in 6pcs Super Bright LED (4 Blue and 2 Red).
  • 1pc of 3.6V rechargeable battery was included. 
  • Built-in Vibration Sensor and Light Sensor.
  • Costless, Energy saving, Green Power product.  
  • LED Light flashing frequency : approx. 60 times per minute.
  • Warning Light Flashing for Security if your car is shaken by somebody. 
  • Easy to find your car in the night.
  • The unit with self sticking tape that you can stick anywhere inside the car.
  • Long time operation with sunlight 1 day charging for max. support 7 nights operation. 
  • Easy to use and no any installation needed.
  • Strong Plastic cabinet design.
  • Color : Silver Gray.
  • Unit size : Miniature Size 60 x 23 x 13mm , blister card packed.


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