New Yellow Light LED Tire Wheel Stem Valve Cap

Yellow Cap

Perfect for car, bike or motorcycle

The LED tire flash lamp (the LED wheel flash light) use onto tire of car, or motorcycle or bicycle, directly install onto the air valve. Dynamic induction flashing decoration with self flash electronic circuit. When the car is moving the flash point will form a beautiful flash aura (motion sensentive). The LED tire flash lamp will give more interest in your driving, and will draw attention to your car, motorcycle or bicycle.

Perfect for car, motorcycle or bicycle

Direction: directly install onto the tire valve, when the car is driving or vibrating the self flash electronics circuit will turn on the LED light

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Retail for $14.99

Our Sales price of $6.25 per pair

LED Yellow



1. Install 3 1.5V AG10 batteries

2. Screw down onto tire valve

3. If the brightness of lamp is weak or low, please change batteries